Donations to The Advocacy of Veganism Society (TAVS) are fully tax deductible. TAVS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

If you are already vegan, already educating others about veganism, and want to help more, donate to TAVS.  (If you are not already vegan, please do not donate.  Go vegan.  The single most important thing you can do to help animals is go vegan.  Opt out of animal exploitation.  See our How to Go Vegan page.)

TAVS is the hub of the organized grassroots movement of veganism around the world.  TAVS offers an exceptional value when it comes to donations to animal organizations.  Your donation funds our mission and nothing else:

The mission of TAVS is to galvanize and facilitate an organized grassroots movement of veganism around the world that reflects our recognition of the moral personhood of nonhuman animals. Creative nonviolent vegan education is the foundation of our movement.

We aim for inclusion of nonhuman animals as full members of the moral community to end their property status, end domestication, and eradicate speciesism while supporting the rescue and adoption of victims of domestication who are already here.

Our core value is nonviolence which necessitates veganism and the rejection of all oppression which is inherently violent, unjust, and interrelated.

Your donation funds our TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflets, which are printed and mailed to vegans doing creative nonviolent vegan education around the world, and much more!  The Advocacy of Veganism Society receives requests for our TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflets every day!  Many of those vegans want to use them to promote veganism but can’t afford to have them printed at their local printer (which can be very expensive).  Fortunately, we get excellent pricing on full-color printing and folding.  But we need your help covering these costs.  If you are already vegan, we need you to help us plant vegan seeds!  Your donations allow us to provide the beautiful TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflets to vegans around the world who want to promote veganism.

TAVS has no paid employees, no paid office space, and no other large overhead expenses which would dilute the value of your donation.  We are trying to galvanize and facilitate a grassroots movement of veganism, powered and funded by vegans with all of the resources (time, money, and energy) furthering the cause.  Support TAVS’ mission by making a one-time or recurring donation today.


You may also make a donation to TAVS by check to our new (as of January 1, 2017) mailing address:

The Advocacy of Veganism Society
5115 Excelsior Blvd #211
St Louis Park, MN 55416


The Advocacy of Veganism Society (TAVS) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations to TAVS are fully tax-deductible under IRC Section 170. TAVS’ federal tax identification number is 46-2505450. This applies retroactively to donations made as early as April 2, 2013.