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The Abolitionist Vegan Society (TAVS) is thrilled to launch the TAVS Pin Campaign, “The Worldwide Campaign to End All Animal Use.”  TAVS, in accordance with its mission, sees all animal use as inherently unjust and therefore promotes veganism and nothing less.

The TAVS Pin Campaign seeks to end all animal use through veganism.  We encourage vegans to wear their pin every day to protest the grave injustice of all animal use and to  initiate powerful conversations about veganism.

Join the TAVS Pin Campaign today:

1) Order your pin today by clicking here.  Also, order pins for your vegan friends and family today.

2) Wear your pin every day to protest the grave injustice of all animal use and to initiate powerful conversations about veganism.

3) Spread the word about the TAVS Pin Campaign by telling people to join the TAVS Pin Campaign today at:

4) Change your Facebook profile picture and cover photo to the images below.

The TAVS Pin Campaign will continue, day after day, until the world is vegan.

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TAVS Pin Campaign donations will be used to fund TAVS’ mission of “[galvanizing] and [facilitating] an organized grassroots movement of abolitionist veganism around the world that reflects our recognition of the moral personhood of nonhuman animals.”

Note:  The original TAVS pins have been replaced (for cost reasons) by TAVS buttons which are available here.