I rarely post about drama in the abolitionist vegan movement, but it has come to my attention that even though TAVS’ split with Francione was over 1 year ago, lies are still being spread about TAVS, me, and other TAVS supporters. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, that part of the movement remains (as it has been for several years) cultish and virulently toxic…which is why I gladly split from it. Really? Over 1 trillion nonhuman animals are being exploited and killed every year, and that part of the movement thinks its cult is what needs protecting? Well, I just want you to know that TAVS remains focused on *building* the abolitionist vegan movement, not *destroying* the progress the movement has made thus far. Our volunteer work speaks for itself. We do not demand loyalty to TAVS or to our egos, just to the ideas and the work that will free the nonhuman animals and that deconstruct oppressive systems. I encourage other abolitionist vegans to reject the drama in the abolitionist vegan movement and focus on the critical work that needs to be done for nonhumans and humans.

– Sarah K. Woodcock, Founder and Executive Director of The Abolitionist Vegan Society (volunteer), November 16, 2015