In May 2014, The Abolitionist Vegan Society launched the “LOST Animals” project.  Around the world, TAVS Advocates are educating others about how all animals matter which means veganism.

May 2014

This is a great way to promote veganism, especially for vegans who are shy or not ready to have in-person conversations yet.

Bring the “LOST Animals” project to your city!  To download, print, and post the “LOST Animals” posters, click here.  (If you are unable to afford to print them, please Contact TAVS as The Abolitionist Vegan Society offers its resources for FREE, and we would be happy to mail some to you.)

The “LOST Animals” project by The Abolitionist Vegan Society was inspired by Karen and Roger, two TAVS Advocates from Texas, United States. Playing off of the idea of “LOST” dogs and cats, we are showing the world that all animals matter which means veganism.  More than 1 trillion precious, individual animals are lost every year through the violence of nonveganism.  But we can change that by going vegan and educating others to do so.  Here are some related articles:

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