Someones, Not Somethings


Are dogs and cats the only animals that have moral significance?  Or do you feel that all animals have moral significance?

Most of us feel that all animals have moral significance.  That is why we object, very strongly, to cases of animal cruelty.  We feel that hurting animals is wrong…very wrong, just like hurting children.

But what is animal cruelty?  Most of us would say it is causing an animal pain or suffering, especially when it is unnecessary.

Is it possible that we, in our every day lives, participate in animal cruelty causing animals pain and suffering even though we feel that all animals matter?  Is it possible that we, in our every day lives, make choices that go against our values but just have not stopped to think about it this way?

To learn more about living according to your values about animals, click here.

The “LOST Animals” project by The Advocacy of Veganism Society was inspired by Karen and Roger, two TAVS Advocates from Texas, United States. Playing off of the idea of “LOST” dogs and cats, we are showing the world that all animals have moral significance which means veganism.  More than 1 trillion precious, individual animals are lost every year through the violence of nonveganism.  But we can change that by going vegan and educating others to do so.  Here are some related articles:

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