Pete Crosbie, Victoria, Australia, rescued an injured baby pigeon. Pete said, “Saved as a tiny fledgling on the roadway where i work Mr Pigeon has grown up and today was released where he was found. We hope you find your family again big boy xx.”


After work, Pete said, “Well I tried. After releasing Mr Pigeon over 1km away from the office at 7:30 am this morning I go to my old ute at 6:45 pm to go home and guess who flew and landed on my car door when I opened it?┬áHe found the car and waited all day … so he has made up his mind. Let’s go home baby.”


Mr. Pigeon will live with about 140 furry and feathered residents at a private vegan sanctuary in Victoria, Australia. Most of the residents have been rescued from the meat, dairy, egg, wool, and pet industries. You can help animals, too, by going vegan. Click here to read our “Why veganism?” article and here to read our “How to Go Vegan” article.


Photo Credit: Pete Crosbie