There is a palpable arrogance possessed by those who work for or stand for social justice for humans but refuse to go vegan. (I am not talking about those who have not been introduced to veganism and speciesism; I am talking about those who have.)

Their cause may be just, but their mission will fail because they refuse to abide by the simple and true idea that everyone’s freedom depends on everyone’s freedom…regardless of species.

As they seek full membership in the moral community for the victims they represent (who are irrationally excluded from the moral community based on morally irrelevant characteristics such as sex or race) from those in power, they simultaneously deny full membership for nonhuman victims (who they irrationally exclude based on the morally irrelevant characteristic of species) with their power. They do exactly what they are asking their victims’ oppressors not to do. They break the laws of justice they are asking others to uphold. As they fight for the victims they represent, they tyrannically and mercilessly brutalize nonhuman victims.

The hypocrisy of their cries for justice is arrogant and embarrassing, and they fail to realize their own cause, which they hold so dear, will fail because all injustice is related and interdependent. Veganism must be an integral part of every social justice movement because we can’t expect to combat any oppression in a genuine, lasting way until we combat every oppression in a holistic, comprehensive way.

The Abolitionist Vegan Society rejects all oppression, including nonveganism, as part of its mission.  Join us.

If you are not vegan, please go vegan.  To learn about going vegan, check out:  Why veganism?

If you are vegan, please do TAVS Advocacy.  To learn about TAVS Advocacy, check out:  TAVS Advocacy

Sarah K. Woodcock, Founder and Executive Director
The Abolitionist Vegan Society
June 2, 2014

Photo credit: Brent