TAVS "Why veganism?" Leaflets

You may use this form to order 100 “Why veganism?” leaflets (English language) so they are shipped to you with USPS Priority Mail. (If you need more than 100 leaflets or a different language, please Contact TAVS.)

The suggested donation is $10 for leaflets ($0.10 per leaflet) plus $6 for shipping to the United States, $21 to Canada, or $25 to another country (not the United States or Canada). The total suggested donation is:

  • $16 to the United States
  • $31 to Canada
  • $35 to another country (not the United States or Canada)

If you are able to donate (which helps us cover costs and allows us to continue offering these leaflets), please do so via the Donate to TAVS webpage before placing your order with this form.

Photo credit: Jam on Toast 2013 event photographer