I am thrilled to be introducing The Abolitionist Vegan Society (TAVS).   TAVS is a nonprofit organization which was founded in April 2013 by Sarah K. Woodcock based on the need for an unequivocal abolitionist vegan organization.

TAVS is fundamentally different from other animal organizations:

The mission of TAVS is to galvanize and facilitate an organized grassroots movement of abolitionist veganism around the world that reflects our recognition of the moral personhood of nonhuman animals.  Creative nonviolent vegan education is the foundation of our movement.

We aim for inclusion of nonhuman animals as full members of the moral community to abolish their property status, end domestication, and eradicate speciesism while supporting the rescue and adoption of victims of domestication who are already here.

Our core value is nonviolence which necessitates veganism and the rejection of all oppression which is inherently violent, unjust, and interrelated.

To learn more about TAVS, see our website including our How to Help page.