What about those nonvegans who do not care about animals, eliminating suffering, eliminating violence, or morality?

They are not our target audience. Our target audience are those who do care. Our job is to find those who do care and spend our precious time, energy, and resources educating them on why caring means going vegan, not trying to convince those who do not care to care. Not only is trying to convince those who do not care frustrating, it doesn’t work very well!

Trying to Convince Those Who Do Not Care

Educating Those Who Do Care

How do you find those nonvegans who do care? Well, they may not be the nonvegans in your immediate life (friends, family, and coworkers), but they are in your community. So you may have to offer yourself as a vegan educational resource in your community by leafleting, doing a street stall, teaching a vegan cooking class, etc. When you offer yourself, those nonvegans who care come to you!

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