“We should not reduce veganism to a list of dos and don’ts because veganism is an ethical stance, not a consumer choice. Therefore, just like you can’t be 90% anti-racist or 90% anti-sexist, you can’t be 90% vegan. It makes no sense.” – Sonia Chauhan (12/1/14)

Confusing people about animal use and suffering only harms other animals. When advocating for other animals, it is important to explain that the only way to not harm them is to not use them for any purpose. In other words, veganism is the only way to truly respect the inherent moral worth of other animals.

Not vegetarianism; not a ‘plant-based diet’; not reduced meat consumption; and not a ‘mostly vegan’ diet. Full-on, 24/7 veganism.” – John Tallent (6/30/14)

If you don’t tell people about veganism, how will they know?” – Diane Dion (5/9/14)

Veganism has nothing to do with restricting others’ freedom; in fact, restricting freedom is the business of non-veganism.” – John Tallent (5/5/14)

When you challenge someone about their morals, you’re not being mean or hateful; you’re doing what is required to cause change in a world of thoughtless violence.” – Jamison Scala (4/23/14)

“Vegans: we need to do creative non-violent vegan education. People are willing to learn. Let’s put our forces together. It works.” – Chris Petty (4/21/14)

When we truly want to help animals we educate people on why they need to be vegan. Promoting single issue campaigns make us feel good but do nothing for the animals. They mislead the non-vegan in thinking one particular animal use is worse than all use, and it is always the non-vegan we are speaking to.” – Chris Petty (4/18/14)

“When I first became vegan, it was because I didn’t want to hurt animals anymore. I was a very heavy dairy products consumer, and I wondered when my cravings were going to start. They didn’t. When you decide you want to stop hurting animals, which you have since you want to be vegan, you can change the idea of cravings for that animal product in to a craving for justice for the animals. You turn that into learning more about veganism, and you will see that any cravings that you thought you would have, will turn into a passion for justice, for doing the right thing, and for refusing to continue to hurt the vulnerable just because we can.” – Dee Palma (4/2/14)