Corey holding TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflets and placing one at a bus stop.

Corey Wrenn (Cork, Ireland) took the TAVS Challenge by promoting veganism in her community! Corey said:

“Continuing my ‘TAVS Challenge’ in Cork, Ireland. I’ve started hitting up bus stops where college students have a lot of down time and may be encouraged to read while they wait. Research shows that college students are our most receptive demographic, and research also shows that people who are busy will be less receptive (hence why I suggest targeting bus stops where there is a lot of milling around).

You can also get free abolitionist vegan leafleting material (including posts, bookmarks, and business cards) by contacting The Abolitionist Vegan Society 🙂 I’ve found it’s great just to keep some pamphlets in my purse for when I’m out running errands and run across community bulletin boards, etc.

Abolitionists get a lot of flack for focusing too much on deconstructing what is wrong with the movement and not focusing on how to do good. Abolitionism is an education-based strategy. Leafleting is one way that you can engage activism positively and cost effectively. TAVS will send materials out to you for free (preferably with a small donation to cover shipping and printing, as they are not a heavily funded non-profit like Vegan Outreach).