Introducing the TAVS Challenge Monthly Wrap by Chilis On Wheels. The TAVS Challenge is an ongoing challenge to vegans to engage in vegan advocacy in their community using the TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflets (or other TAVS Resources). Chilis On Wheels is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Brooklyn, New York that “provides vegan meals to those in need.” Not only are they doing vegan humanitarian work, they are promoting veganism while they do it! And how cool is it that Chilis On Wheels took the TAVS Challenge so many times in September 2015 that we needed to turn the summary into a “Monthly Wrap”?  That is truly impressive! Check out the three main events they did in September 2015 below.

Chilis On Wheels Presents Cowspiracy at Cardozo School of Law – September 17, 2015 – Event 1 of 3

Anthony Martinez reports that a “Powerful clear vegan message was articulated by all on [the] panel.”


This photo shows, from left to right, Jill Carnegie (Co-Founder of Vegans of New York and Certified Nutrition Counselor through Cornell University), Annie Hudson (Vegan Educator), Anthony Martinez (Vegan Education Director for Chilis On Wheels), Michelle Carrera (Founder of Chilis On Wheels), and Demosthenes Maratos (Communications Director at The Sustainability Institute at Molloy College).


This photo shows several attendees seated and listening intently.


This photo shows Chilis On Wheels, TAVS, and Cowspiracy items and resources on the table.

Chilis On Wheels Distributes Vegan Food at Thompkins Square Park – September 19, 2015 – Event 2 of 3

Check out this beautiful vegan advocacy! The children participated as well!


This photo shows Ollie and his friend, both vegan children, holding TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflets and smiling at the camera.


This photo shows someone sitting on a bench reading a TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflet and someone standing near them.


This photo shows water bottles and Chilis On Wheels and TAVS items and resources on the table.

Chilis On Wheels Does Vegan Educational Tabling at Mundo Vegan – September 27, 2015 – Event 3 of 3

Michelle worked the table, and Anthony worked the streets. “‘Open Streets’ is an international initiative that originated in Latin America (as Ciclovia) and now takes place in over 100 cities in North America as well as hundreds worldwide,” said Anthony.


This photo shows Michelle and Anthony as Anthony eats a BBQ seitan sandwich with coleslaw…ridiculous flavor profile…Fanny (of Mundo Vegan) throws down in the kitchen!


This photo shows Michelle and Ollie at their vegan education table.


This photo shows Michelle at her vegan education table.


This photo shows Anthony talking with someone about veganism on the street.

Wow, right? Talk about amazing vegan advocacy being done by these vegans in New York! Does your community need vegan advocacy too? Of course! Please get involved with the TAVS Challenge in your community.