Vegan educational advocacy, every day, around the world!


The TAVS Challenge is about doing vegan educational advocacy in your community and submitting the photos of you doing so (which we post on Facebook and elsewhere) to inspire others to do so.

The TAVS Challenge happens on a daily basis.  We encourage you to do this education/advocacy and submit the photos every day you can!  Here are the details:

1) This week, engage in vegan educational advocacy in your community using TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflets or any other TAVS Resources (no single issue campaigns though please).

2) Message TAVS (on Facebook) with a photo of you doing that and a description of what you did and how it went.

We will post the photos.* It will be really fun to see what others did!

TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflets you can download and print for FREE:

We recently launched an order form which makes it quick and easy for you to order TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflets:

If you have any questions, just Contact TAVS.


* The Abolitionist Vegan Society reserves the right not to post photos.