TAVS Advocacy

TAVS Advocacy offers knowledge and skills to abolitionist vegans to be the most effective advocates possible in their communities.


TAVS Articles

TAVS Articles is a comprehensive library of articles for nonvegans, vegans, and abolitionist vegans.


TAVS Audio: A Series of Audio Episodes from The Abolitionist Vegan Society

TAVS Audio is a series of audio episodes from The Abolitionist Vegan Society.


TAVS Calendar

TAVS Calendar is the official calendar of abolitionist vegan advocacy around the world.  Find out what is happening to advance abolitionist veganism in your area, and get involved.



TAVS Food is a comprehensive library of information and resources on vegan food from recipes to nutrition.


TAVS Chapters

TAVS Chapters represent TAVS on the local level, in countries and cities all around the world.  They are volunteer run by those who are completely and unequivocally committed to abolitionist veganism.


TAVS Parenting

TAVS Parenting offers information and resources for abolitionist vegan parents and those who work with children.


TAVS Resources

TAVS Resources is a comprehensive library of resources for abolitionist vegan advocates.   From leaflets to videos, TAVS offers resources for advocates to be effective and confident.


TAVS Store

TAVS Store is an online store with a wide variety of merchandise to advance the abolitionist vegan cause.  100% of the net proceeds of your purchase support TAVS’ mission including creative nonviolent vegan education and the rescue and adoption of victims of domestication who are already here.


TAVS Tracker

TAVS Tracker is an app that tracks your advocacy so you can track, measure, and improve your effectiveness over time.


TAVS University

TAVS University is an online university that offers courses on a wide variety of topics that are important to modern-day life.  We offer courses to support you in living a nonviolent and meaningful life.