TAVS Advocacy

TAVS Advocacy offers knowledge and skills to abolitionist vegans to be the most effective advocates possible in their communities.  It is critical that each and every one of us commits exclusively to creative nonviolent vegan education, identifies our strengths, finds our niche, and goes for it.  (If you are not a vegan or an abolitionist vegan yet, see our “First Things First” webpage.)

TAVS’ tagline is, “Go vegan.  Educate others.  Adopt/foster.”  With TAVS Advocacy, we aim to help you “Educate others.”

Creative nonviolent vegan education can take many forms — leafleting, posting flyers for the “LOST Animals” project, street stalls, seminars, cooking classes, home parties, etc. — the possibilities are endless.  TAVS Advocacy is about using your strengths so you can be as effective as possible in your advocacy.

How can you get started?  Take the TAVS Challenge!

If you are vegan, we offer FREE “Why veganism?” leaflets to you to use in your advocacy.

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