We are thrilled you want to help animals, but first things first.

Before you educate others about veganism, you need to go vegan.  The single most important thing you can do to help animals is to go vegan; that is how we opt out of animal exploitation.  Some animal organizations encourage anyone and everyone to “just get involved” to help animals, but we believe we have to change ourselves before we attempt to change the world.  We believe in living consistently, in having our morals aligned with our choices.  When someone is not vegan and “just gets involved” to help animals, while they undoubtedly mean well, their efforts are undermined by their not being vegan.  See our How to Go Vegan webpage.

Perhaps you are already a vegan but are not an abolitionist vegan.  It is critically important for vegans to learn and understand abolitionist veganism in order to be the most effective in their advocacy.  Whether we realize it or not, every action we take is guided by a theory, a belief system.  Unfortunately, not all animal advocacy advances animal rights; some animal advocacy is counterproductive to animal rights.  We know that the last thing you do want to do is act in a way that is counterproductive to animal rights and that you want to be as effective as possible which is why we strongly encourage you to explore our ever-growing library of TAVS Articles on abolitionist veganism.

With all of this said, we want you (and need you) to be part of the abolitionist vegan movement.  See: