Sarah K. Woodcock
The Abolitionist Vegan Society


The Abolitionist Vegan Society Celebrates Its First Anniversary

Minneapolis, MN:  Today, The Abolitionist Vegan Society (TAVS), an abolitionist vegan organization, announced that they are celebrating their first anniversary. After forming on April 1, 2013 and launching on June 5, 2013, TAVS is experiencing notable growth and a groundswell of participation in abolitionist vegan advocacy.

Of the organization’s first anniversary, TAVS’ Founder and Executive Director Sarah K. Woodcock said, “I founded The Abolitionist Vegan Society based on the need for an abolitionist vegan organization. In reflecting upon our mission ‘To galvanize and facilitate the organized grassroots movement of abolitionist veganism around the world,’ I am thrilled with the amount of progress we have made in one year with no paid staff and a dedicated and inspiring base of TAVS Advocates around the world.”

Of note are the following accomplishments:

– The establishment of 5 TAVS Chapters which represent TAVS on the local level — TAVS Minnesota, TAVS New Zealand, TAVS Norway, TAVS Orange County, and TAVS Sweden.

– The launch of the TAVS Pin Campaign, “The Worldwide Campaign to End All Animal Use.”

– The launch of the TAVS website which is loaded with an evergrowing list of FREE TAVS Resources to help nonvegans go vegan and to help vegans educate others.

– The publication of the FREE TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflet in 3 languages — English, Spanish, and French.

About The Abolitionist Vegan Society:  The Abolitionist Vegan Society is an abolitionist vegan organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota founded in 2013 “To galvanize and facilitate an organized grassroots movement of abolitionist veganism around the world.” TAVS is based on The Abolitionist Approach to Animal Rights, promotes veganism as the moral baseline, and asks people to go vegan, educate others, and adopt/foster.