Dear TAVS Advocates,

TAVS celebrates its second anniversary today!

This image shows The Abolitionist Vegan Society logo on the left and a digitally rendered number 2 candle with a cupcake with a candle on the right.


This is cause for a virtual community celebration and a huge shout out to all of the wonderful TAVS Advocates whose hard work made this possible, as TAVS is an all-volunteer, grassroots, abolitionist vegan organization.

Two years ago, we set out to (among other things) answer the question, “What do abolitionists do?” And in just the last year, we have done so much:

We did abolitionist vegan advocacy, around the world, with the TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflets and the TAVS Challenge. Here is a recent photo of Sonia and Sandy doing TAVS Advocacy in California, United States.


This picture shows Sonia and Sandy. Sonia is holding a “Why veganism?” leaflet.

We published the TAVS “Why veganism?” leaflet in three more languages including German, Lithuanian, and Romanian. (We had already published it in English, French, Norwegian, and Spanish.)


This image shows three of the “Warum vegan?” leaflets. The text on this image reads, “The popular (and FREE!) TAVS ‘Why veganism?’ leaflet is NOW AVAILABLE IN GERMAN!”.


We launched an online order form, here, to make ordering “Why veganism?” leaflets faster and easier.

We launched the French version of the TAVS website (

French Version of the TAVS Website

This image shows the homepage of the French version of the TAVS website.

We added several more FREE vegan resources to our comprehensive library of TAVS Resources.

"If you think it's wrong to hurt animals..." TAVS Bookmarks, 5 per page, Letter Size

This image shows 5 of the TAVS bookmarks.

We published the TAVS Tenets which expand upon our Mission.

Sarah, Clara, and Jamie doing TAVS Advocacy leafleting in Minnesota, United States.

This image shows Sarah, Clara, and Jamie doing TAVS Advocacy leafleting in Minnesota, United States.

And while we have already done so much, we have so much more to do! With that said, please get involved with TAVS Advocacy, and check out our How to Help page for a list of all of the ways you can help! And take a little time to celebrate the progress we have made as an all-volunteer, grassroots, abolitionist vegan organization.


Sarah K. Woodcock, Founder and Executive Director (volunteer)
The Abolitionist Vegan Society
April 2, 2015

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