Today I received an email from an organization asking me to help “Stop high-speed slaughter”. “High-speed slaughter” is horrific and wrong. Of ***course*** it is! But is low-speed slaughter better? Is that what we, as vegans, want? Low-speed slaughter??? We ***really*** need perspective here.

“High-speed slaughter” is one single manifestation of (nonvegan) humanity, caught up in the throes of capitalism which demands increased efficiency and profit at the expense of sentient beings.

As animal advocates, we need to stop singling out single manifestations of nonveganism. We need to stop evading and refusing to name the problem thereby misleading nonvegans and delaying the end of nonveganism and animal use.

We need to start uniting, uncompromisingly, behind the idea of veganism and educating the public about it. From our one-on-one interactions with friends and family to our individual animal advocacy to our organization-run campaigns, we need to start naming and solving the problem — nonveganism, the ideology of which includes the idea that humans should be using nonhumans as resources in the first place.

We can end the paradigm of nonveganism, but we, as vegans, must have the unflinching courage to name it first.

– Sarah K. Woodcock, 1/20/16