While I am glad to see pro-intersectionality making its way into vegan conversations, I am disappointed to see some vegans who haven’t lived as a person of color and who haven’t read or studied critical race theory dismiss pro-intersectionality. They also speak as if one cannot be abolitionist and pro-intersectionality at the same time. They also claim to be “against racism” and “against all forms of oppression,” wearing those bold claims like badges. There is a term for people who do this: badgeallies. These same vegans harshly criticize vegans who haven’t read or studied animal rights theory and dismiss abolitionist veganism. This reeks of extreme hypocrisy…because it is. The vegan movement is already hostile to people of color, and being anti-intersectionality is not going to help that fact.

Newsflash: In order for the vegan movement to be successful, we are going to need to win over people of color.

Corresponding question: If we can’t even make the vegan movement a non-hostile place for people of color, how can we win over people of color and make the world vegan?

We can do better than this. We *have* to do better than this.

– Sarah K. Woodcock