Why does TAVS insist on vegan education as the primary form of animal advocacy? It is simple. Because until we have a large percentage of vegans—people who reject animal use, who have gone through the personal transformation of going vegan, and who therefore see the human/nonhuman relationship radically differently from how society sees it today—things are not going improve significantly or lastingly for animals. Are we after insignificant and temporary change? Or significant and lasting change?

As the percentage of vegans increases, vegan principles will be incorporated into every aspect of society which will set the foundation for lasting change and consequently make it easier both for nonvegans to go vegan and for vegans to live vegan…further cementing the vegan foundation.

This is not just about the consumer choices that result from going vegan…although consumer choices do, importantly, reduce the demand for nonvegan products. This is about making sure nonvegans are introduced to veganism and not some compromised form of animal advocacy so we can shift the paradigm as soon as possible.

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